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Trisha Leigh Shufelt 
Author Artist Poet


Creating Fantastical Worlds 
Through Words & Art







“The Ghosts of Nevermore is a breathtaking, haunting, and visually stunning collection of dark and lovely things.” Kristin Kory-Author-Hungry for Ghosts


Available Now
Soft or Hard Cover

Contains author illustrations, poetry, poems, and short stories inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.




Liminal Lines is a masterful collection with an almost ethereal quality that somehow transcends space and time; it completely envelops the reader in its magic. From the first page, the author invites us on a journey, and by the last page we’re catching our breath, amazed and in awe of where we’ve just been - and eager to go there again. Mira~Canada

Dark Fantasy

I bought all 3 volumes of the Underwood series at the same time. From the time I opened the first book I could not stop. Great characters, with real depth. So many truly surprising twists and turns. If you enjoy fantasy then the series is for you. It’s got everything, strong female characters, who like us all are a little bit broken, magic and an epic battle between good and evil. It’s got everything!!



The Poe Tarot is, in my opinion, a brilliantly creative use of Poe’s genius. When the day comes that my cards are so worn and tattered that I can barely read them, I hope the deck is still in print so I can replace it.



The Ghosts of Winterbourne
The Ghosts of Nevermore
Break & Bloom Poetry
Liminal Lines
The Poe Tarot
The Everglow Divination System
My Dark Fantasy Books

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About me


Trisha Leigh Shufelt is a self-taught artist, author, and poet. She works in a variety of mediums and finds inspiration everywhere. She is also the author and artist behind the Poe Tarot. Released to high praise in December 2021 through Schiffer Publishing/RedFeatherMBS, the deck follows Edgar Allan Poe on the Fool's journey. ​It is the bronze winner of a COVR Visionary Award 2022 and is nominated for a Saturday Visiter Award through Poe Baltimore and a CARTA award for Best Tarot 2022 through the International Tarot Foundation. It is available wherever Tarot is sold. The deck features black and white, whimsical illustrations incorporating the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Schiffer/RedFeatherMBS is also releasing the Everglow Divination System, slated for January 2023. It incorporates Tarot elements, oracle, numerology, astrology, and animal symbolism. She is busy working on several projects as well as a follow-up oracle deck to the Poe Tarot called the Nevermoracle as well as a book of short stories and poems inspired by Edgar Allan Poe called the Ghosts of Nevermore. 
When she is not creating fantastical art, Trisha is also author of several poetry books. Her most recent poetry book Break & Bloom explores her experience with breast cancer, anxiety, life, love, and death. It is available through Amazon.  Her dark fantasy novels are available under the pen Andaleigh Archer. Trisha is also a certified Master Reiki Practitioner through the Anam Cara Center, Seymour CT.

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