New Books in the Works!!

I'm so excited to share a project close to my heart- a book of poetry and prose called Liminal Lines. I explore many subjects we all have dealt with and continue to face, love, loss, life, death, addiction, anxiety, etc. It's a raw and visceral part of myself. The word Liminal means the transitional and transformative boundary between one space and another- a threshold. Sometimes these thresholds are uncomfortable. The book contains black and white photography as well as some of my artwork.

Anticipated release-Spring 2022

The Poe Tarot ©
Featuring the literary work of Edgar Allan Poe and Trisha's black
and white illustrative artwork.  Below is a sneak peek.

A dark fantasy involving witches, faeries, secrets and a family curse. 

Anticipated release-January/February 2022

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The Everglow Oracle 
The Everglow Oracle is a work in progress deck featuring
beautifully illustrated mixed media images that focus on our
connection with nature and fantasy.
Launching December 2022 through Schiffer Publishing.


The Circus of Dreams Tarot

Something wicked this way comes!!

A work in progress deck featuring 78 wickedly magical cards.