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Underwood Series


A woman in Victorian England has little freedom. This is especially true for eighteen-year-old Lillianna, who is facing nonexistence behind the cold iron bars of her parent's Manor or a life of servitude in a loveless marriage.

However, everything turns upside down when the one person she trusts disappears after gifting her a mysterious trinket tied to a family history of betrayal, lies, and a world exceeding her imagination.

As she steps beyond the threshold of fear into a fairytale realm of enticing temptations, she discovers love and the ancient magic within herself to battle a shadowy evil hell-bent on her destruction.

One, two, three, the Queen bleeds for me.

Evil sleeps until it is awakened.

Lillianna Underwood thought she'd found her happily ever after as Queen of Elysia with her Elf King husband and two beautiful daughters by her side. However, an evil once vanquished has returned in the form of horrific nightmares and visions. She'd dismiss them, except the Fae don't dream, and what she's experiencing is tearing her fairytale world apart.

Meanwhile, a nefarious plot unfolds behind the scenes to strip her power and rebirth a monstrous evil back into the Realm of the Fae. With her grip on reality fading, Lilly must face her deepest fears and the evil she thought she had destroyed long ago.

Thorn Apple A Wicked Spell is Book 2 in the Underwood A Wicked Fairytale Series.

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The Realm of the Fae sits precariously on a thorn's tip...

Evil is spreading throughout the Realm, and all that remains of Elysia and its Fairy Queens has been forgotten.

Or have they?

Amidst the snow and the wind, a voice rings out, summoning all those loyal to the name Underwood.

Armed with her ancestors' powerful magic, a new Queen rises from the ashes of her past to exact revenge on those who have stolen her crown.


One, two, three, everyone's afraid of...

The Underwood Series is back with a prequel featuring everyone's favorite wicked antagonist, Maeve!

Travel back in time to Maeve's beginnings as a child in Elysia and the horrific circumstances leading to her fall into madness and murder.

At the center of all the lies, manipulations, and bloody usurpations is a heartbreaking love story filled with secrets that bring the Underwood Wicked Fairytale series to the darkest full circle imaginable.

Other books in the series include~ Underwood A Wicked Fairy Tale, Thorn Apple A Wicked Spell, and Quietus A Wicked Ending.

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Ivy is a sixteen-year-old coping with coming of age and fitting in. One night, she witnesses her boyfriend Ash's horrific disappearance, an event so shocking that she cannot recall what took place. Two years pass, and as her memory begins to return, Ivy seeks out Miss Christina's help, an old woman known as the Carter Witch. It is through her that she discovers that Ash was taken by the Faeries. With Miss Christina's help and her best friend Sukie by her side, Ivy sets out on a quest to rescue Ash. However, she gets more than she bargains for upon entering the Realm of Faerie. A Tithe is due to the Lord of the Underworld for a crime she and Ash are linked to. As the story unfolds, she unlocks the mystery of Ash's disappearance, a tragic family secret, and betrayal that compromises not only her mortal existence but her life. You may have heard the story of Tam Lin, a mortal man captured by the Faeries, to pay a Tithe to hell. The centuries-old Scottish ballad is a favorite among artists, musicians, and writers. The Promise takes the beloved ballad and turns it on its head, transforming it into a modern-day fairy tale not soon forgotten. Contains illustrations by the author.