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about my poetry books and upcoming endeavors.


Trisha Leigh Shufelt takes her love for Edgar Allan Poe to new levels with Unearthing Nevermore, a collection of Golden Shovel Poetry and whimsical illustrations inspired by the Master of the Macabre. Poetic-inspired works include The Raven, The City in the Sea, Eleonora, Alone, Romance, A Dream within a Dream, The Mystery of Marie Roget, and many more. This is Trisha's 3rd Poe-inspired literary creation. Her book, The Ghosts of Nevermore: A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, received a 2023 Saturday Visiter Award from the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, Baltimore, MD.

What is Golden Shovel Poetry?

Golden Shovel poetry is a contemporary poetic form created by Terrence Hayes to honor another poet's work. The poem uses a line(s) from another poem to form the end word in each line, and when joined together, it refers to the inspired author's original work.

Praise for Unearthing Nevermore-

"Whether you are a fan of gothic poetry, Edgar Allan Poe or Golden Shovel poetry as a form, you will discover in Unearthing Nevermore, a plethora of incredibly well-honed writing and sumptuous interpretive artwork. This accomplished collection is devoted to Poe's vision, and utilizes the echoing refrain of Golden Shovel poetry, to exact a flawless homage to Poe's dark voice. But there is so much more; not simply paying tribute to Poe and her love of his work, Shufelt is in her own right an outstanding poet and artist, who puts more into a small book of poetry than many accomplish in a lifetime. Her uncanny skill as writer, is well suited to the Golden Shovel artform, whereby she seamlessly evokes Poe's velvety shadows, alongside her own vision of his world. To be able to compose a poem that is exacting and executed with such precision and imaginative flare, whilst adhering to the rules of Golden Shovel, is remarkable. Shufelt is a master of this form, elevating it as she tightropes through Poe's landscape with her own glorious words. An outstanding achievement, impossible to match, Shufelt has done it again. If you weren't already half in love with her pulsating radiant world, you soon will be."
Candice Louisa Daquin, Senior Editor, Indie Blu(e) Publishing / Associate Editor, Raw Earth Ink.

"Shufelt immerses the reader “Beyond the Veil” crossing generations, genres, and genius. Her poetry enhances the perceptions, unleashing the sixth sense we rarely use; the imagery from the words combined with the visuals from the art intensifies the reading experience, knowing Poe lives within these pages."
Carmen Bouldin & Jeanie Smith-The Six Degrees of Edgar Allan Poe/Poe Unplugged Podcast

“An excellent book of poetry that cleverly infuses Poe's lines into new pieces. Shufelt not only utilizes Poe's genius but pays homage to it with her own poetic ability. Her illustrations are a captivating bonus.”
Levi L. Leland-Creator, owner, and administrator of A Walking Tour of Poe's Providence


FINALLY! A Poetry Review Journal for Poets & Poetry Lovers!

Passion for Poetry-a poetry review journal for poets & poetry lovers is a perfect place to keep track of your favorite poems, record impressions, keywords, verses, and even jot down your own inspired sparks of poetry. It's perfect for organizing works by your favorite Indie or Mainstream published Poets. It even contains a handy reference guide of poetry terms. So, what are you waiting for? Start recording and be inspired.


Available Now!!

Sunder the Silence explores lost and found voices.
In her sixth poetry book, award-winning Author/Artist/Poet Trisha Leigh Shufelt weaves a menagerie of lyrical verse and fantastical images through personal experiences and stories from the muses who speak through her pen. Within her poems, art, and photography, she reminds us that silence isn't always golden when storms come for us. Through our voice, we can become the storm itself and, in doing so, embody a beacon of light in moments of reckoning.

Praise for Sunder the Silence

"Sunder the Silence proves Trisha Leigh Shufelt a seasoned poet, who, with deft craft, unearths voices of influential others and uses personal experience to communicate hard-won wisdom and spirituality. This book is far from soft, yet it brims with beauty. The book speaks directly about lives on the edge and the powers in nature and humaneness that allow us to survive. Shufelt may summon intimate voices of others, but her own strong voice and unique vision drive her superb poetry." ~Jeffrey Greene-Author-To the Left of the Worshiper, Beautiful Monsters, and American Spirituals.

“Poetry is a very personal thing, both in its expression and its appreciation. However, there are certain earmarks of true artistry in poetic genius, regardless of this strong subjective component. Sunder the Silence is a collection of deeply emotional barbaric yawps into the universe, artistically and authentically expressed through both verse and poignant illustrations. There is something here for everyone in this collection. For me, the poems that struck a deep and lasting chord are Plague Masters & Puppeteers, What If?, and Dangerous Beauty. At the end of reading this visual and poetical feast, I was reminded of what Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés would be if it had been penned as poetry instead of stories.” ~Rose Guildenstern, author of Iago's Penumbra: A Metaphysical Novel

Now is the winter of her discontent...

The Ghosts of Winterbourne is a haunting collection of dark/gothic poetry and prose that dives deep into winter's rich symbols of introspection, magic, transformation, longing, grief, death, and ghosts. Trisha's writing and imagery take the reader on a personal journey through a frozen world where ghosts haunt snow-covered memories in search of healing.

In this incredible collection, the reader is pulled into a most desolate world lost underneath the ice. Trisha channels shadows from the past through her pen. Muses that have wept and fallen with wintertide now meet a perpetual thaw as she pulls them from the murkiest of depths. There is something very telling about the symbolism of winter. The coming of death. All things that require us to die inside the soul before we may quietly be reborn. The exquisite imagery speaks volumes and creates a unique atmosphere only Trisha can create. Blood turns glacial, ink oozes wild inside the Ghosts of Winterbourne, and I feel most humbled to sit with its shadows and sip tea with its melancholy. S.A. Quinox-Author of Immortalis & Tales of Lacrimosa

The Ghosts of Winterbourne is Trisha's second book in her ghost poetry series and follows the Ghosts of Nevermore, a collection of poetry, prose, and short stories inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. Both books incorporate Trisha's art and photography.


The Ghosts of Nevermore was the winner of a 2023 Saturday Visiter Award from the Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum in Baltimore, MD!

Take a haunted journey with the Ghosts of Nevermore.

Author, artist, poet, and creator of the Poe Tarot, Trisha Leigh Shufelt, unveils a sarcophagus full of haunting images and melancholy musings inspired by the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe.

Trisha blends her dark poetry and art with inspired selections from such classics as the Masque of the Red Death, Annabel Lee, Tamerlane, To One in Paradise, Eulalie, the Black Cat, A Dream, the Bells, the Lake, Evening Star, Fairy-Land, Spirits of the Dead, the Tell-Tale Heart, Murders in the Rue Morgue, Valley of Unrest, City in the Sea, and the Raven.

Praise for the Ghosts of Nevermore-

“The Ghosts of Nevermore is a breathtaking, haunting, and visually stunning collection of dark and lovely things. From the moment I opened the book, I was captivated by Trisha’s artwork and Poe-inspired poetry and prose. This book will grip your heart, penetrate your soul, and stir the ghosts within.”
Kristin Kory-Author-Hungry for Ghosts

“Ghosts of Nevermore is evocative, creative, and decidedly beautiful. Trisha weaves her words into the marrow of your bones and will leave you breathless and begging for more. I definitely recommend giving this a read, then reading it again, and then passing it on.”
Mira Hadlow-Author-As Muses Burn & Red

“The twists and turns will leave a bite mark on your soul."
S.A. Quinox-Author of Immortalis &Tales of Lacrimosa

Break & Bloom is a journey to wholeness through introspection's garden where seeds beget thorns and weeds become blossoms. It combines poetry and prose from her previous works Liminal Lines and Liminal Lessons, with 30 new poems that explore love, loss, addiction, anxiety, life, spirituality, death, and rebirth. Trisha Leigh is an artist, author, and cancer survivor. Break & Bloom contains selected black and white illustrations of her work.

"She entices us with her mastery of the rules of writing, and then she leaves us awestruck as she artfully breaks every rule with flair. Her style has the precise, deliberate sort of irreverence that is the hallmark of a true artist." Mira Hadlow-Author-As Muses Burn

The word liminal refers to the boundary or threshold between one place and another, whether through time or space.

Liminal Lessons is a follow-up to author/artist Trisha Leigh Shufelt’s debut poetry book Liminal Lines.

Once more, Trisha continues her exploration of self-discovery, healing, and transformation through the lens of life, partnership, spirituality, health, and death with her words and art.


Liminal Lines is Trisha Leigh Shufelt's debut book of poetry and prose by author and artist Trisha Leigh Shufelt. In it, she dissects the most visceral parts of herself through her personal explorations of love, loss, addiction, anxiety, life, and death. Liminal means the transitional and transformative boundary between one space and another- a threshold. Several of the poems are accompanied by the artist's photography and artwork.




Edgar Allan Poe inspired poetry from thirty-one international poets.
Published by Raven's Quoth Press


We look for love and understanding in so many different ways. Through friendship, family, love interests, and even our own self. But true love is its own entity altogether. True love takes over the mind, body, and soul and we are almost helpless against it.
Love Is Helpless is a collection of 51 writers sharing their voices and experiences of that type of love, whether from past or, current relationships, or one longed to be had.
Our hearts seem to beat much more freely when we find that deep seeded experience. This collection will show just how meaningful a true bond can be. Love is Helpless celebrates those connections by sharing in each other's experiences.
Love is Helpless is an anthology encompassing the stories and portrayals of the connections we have to others-with the right side of relationships, even if that love has been lost.
"Love is Helpless is the book I wish I had when I started going through a difficult break-up. The authors have been through so much too and it was so good to read about all the beauty love can hold." -- Rebecca W.
"This book is so very insightful and a much-needed read. I found it very easy to relate to many of the pieces the writers in the book shared and I have come away with a better idea of what love is through the eyes of another. Reading Love Is Helpless got me to think about many of my past relationships and how they impacted me, helped me grow, and also kept me from my true path." --Chris T.

The world is full of mysteries, some of which defy explanation. From the inexplicable to the eerie, the paranormal and supernatural have fascinated humanity for centuries, inspiring stories of ghosts, hauntings, and otherworldly encounters.
Immortal Tales is an anthology that encompasses stories based on the supernatural and paranormal.
In this collection, you will find a mix of wonderful tales. From hauntings to unexplained human conditions, these stories explore the supernatural in all its many forms.
But these stories aren't simply about ghosts and ghouls or things that go bump in the night. Some of these characters will find redemption, while others will be consumed by the darkness that surrounds them, and some will come to find out that the truth is stranger than fiction.
Ultimately, these stories are a celebration of the unexplainable, and the power that the unknown can hold over us. Whether you're a believer in the supernatural or a skeptic, I hope that these tales will entertain, intrigue, and inspire you to explore the mysteries of the world around us.
So turn down the lights, settle in, and prepare to be transported to a worlds beyond our own. Who knows what you might find there?

Welcome to the captivating realms of Shadow of the Soul - An Anthology of Dark Poetry and Prose
Embark on a journey into the profound depths of human emotion as we unveil the mysteries concealed within the shadows of the soul. With great excitement, we present an anthology that beckons you to immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of darkness.
Within these pages, you will discover the collective brilliance of over 75 poets and authors from around the world who have allowed light to shine on the darkest parts of their souls as they crafted a tapestry of words that explores the haunting landscapes of the human experience. "Shadow of the Soul" is more than a collection; it is a testament to the diverse perspectives and voices that shape our understanding of introspection, inner turmoil, eerie beauty, and the delicate dance between hiding in plain sight and shining in the shadows.
Each contribution is its own masterpiece that invites you to contemplate the intricate interplay of emotions, and as you navigate through these pages, you will witness the profound beauty that emerges from the shadows. Join us on this literary odyssey, where words become a portal to the dark depths of the soul.
Shadow of the Soul is filled with the echoes of the author’s voices converging to create a symphony of light by welcoming the darkness.

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