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All Fairy Tales Must End

Quietus~All Fairy Tales Must End is now available for pre-order for Amazon Kindle. Print version coming soon and a special color print edition coming as well!! Click the link to order. Quietus ~All Fairy Tales Must End is the 3rd installment in the Underwood~ A Wicked Fairytale Series. Other books in the series include Underwood~A Wicked Fairytale and Thorn Apple.

All Fae Must Die!

The Realm of the Fae sits precariously on a thorn's tip. Evil is spreading with the Shadow Lord's rebirth. All that remains of Elysia and its Fairy Queens has been forgotten. Or has it? Amidst the snow and the wind, a voice rings out, summoning all those loyal to the name Underwood. From it, a new Queen rises from the ashes of the past, wielding her ancestors' powerful magic to exact revenge on those who would see her fall.

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