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Andaleigh Archer is July's Pen's & Paintbrushes featured Author

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Hi Andaleigh. Tell us about yourself.

AA~ Well hello. I'm Andaleigh Archer, the nom de plume for artist and author Trisha Leigh Shufelt. I write dark fantasy, paranormal fantasy romance, YA fantasy, and fairy tales. My favorite subjects to write about are faeries, but I plan to do a series on witches in the future.

Are you touring, showing your work, releasing anything new that you would like to share?

AA~ I have a few things happening at the moment. I'm launching the prequel, Maeve A Wicked Beginning on July 12th through Amazon. It will be available on kindle and print. It centers around the antagonist Maeve, who first made an appearance in Thorn Apple A Wicked Spell. This book launch will be the 4th in the Underwood A Wicked Fairy Tale series and my 6th book.

When I'm not writing under my nom de plume, I am busy creating artwork and designing Tarot Cards. I have a deck called the Poe Tarot coming out this fall through Schiffer Publishing.

What or who are some of your inspirations?

AA~As a writer, Elizabeth Hand and Holly Black are my absolute favorites. As an artist, the list is too long to name, but I love the works of Van Gogh and Arthur Rackham. Broad, I know.

Where can we purchase your book?

AA~From my website http://www.artinsoul.org or Amazon

What is your favorite Quote?

AA~Oh my, so many. I do love this one- "It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever." David St. Hubbins-Spinal Tap

Please provide a passage from your latest work.

The squirming sensation returned, and she raked her teeth along his bottom lip. She could bite him, take his blood into her mouth, and drink in his essence. The thought of it consumed her with darkness. It would be so easy to usurp a king. Instead, she drew his tongue into her mouth, coiling hers around his like a snake, sucking in an egg. There was no point in reading his thoughts; she knew what he wanted.

He pulled back and looked at her with desire. "Mark my words. We will make an alliance one day," he said. "You'll need me, and I will need you."

Maeve stepped away from him. "Don't count on it."

"Every second," he replied with a smile.

What is your website?


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