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Artist Introduction

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

The one thing an artist detests (most artists I know) is writing about themselves. I'm one of those artists. I'd rather pick up a paint brush than a pen, and I'm certainly no keyboard warrior. However, I figured I would make an attempt to share a bit about myself and why I am an artist. Here goes. I've been a professional artist since 2004. I never went to school to be an artist. I wish I had, but I also like the fact that I didn't. I guess I'm a contradiction in that sense. Yes, I've been a creative person my entire life. I used to make lovely mud pies and fun things out of rocks and sticks as a child. I have always been fond of doodling and decorated some pretty cool paper bag text book covers in high school. I've always been inspired by nature and art in general. Van Gogh is my touchstone, but so is David Bowie. I love unusual art, surrealism, urban decay, and anything whimsical. Let's face it, the world is a pretty crazy place, so whimsy is important. I love color, but I also love black and white. I often create spontaneously and music has always had a huge influence on what I do. My art shifts and changes like the wind and this has made it difficult for some to pin me down. I am only a slave to the muse, wherever she goes, I follow. I've created fine art to low brow. I've created abstract to mixed media. I've illustrated and dabbled in just about everything. I have and continue to work with all kinds of materials. I sculpt, I paint, I weave and I capture whatever it is that inspires me. Like most artists, I am constantly trying to convey a message, even if I don't know what that message is. I am forever changing, growing and evolving. I often find myself drawn to the deeper side of life's meanings and even those things have a place in my whimsical creations. I'm one of those people that believe we are all connected on this planet, and if I have one goal, it is to convey this in what I create. So, there you have it. A bit about me. I am sure there will be more to come.

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