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Author Liz Delton stops by Pens & Paintbrushes for September 2021

Hi Liz. Tell us about yourself

LD-Author, writer of fantasy and steampunk books. I'll be publishing my 7th novel at the end of this month. I studied theatre management in college and was a resident stage manager for a theatre company in Philadelphia, so I've always enjoyed the backstage life of storytelling! I'm currently in the midst of writing my Realm of Camellia series.

Are you touring, showing your work, releasing anything new that you would like to share?

LD-My next novel, The Gray Mage releases on August 31st. It's the 3rd book (out of 4 planned) in the Realm of Camellia series, a Japanese-inspired portal fantasy.

Where can we purchase it?


What is your favorite quote?

LD-"I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use to be anything else." -Winston Churchill

How about a passage from your work...

LD-No spoilers! This is from The Gray Mage: At the bottom of the mountain trail, they passed through a tall gate and left Mount Gekkō and its forest behind. Ahead lay the imperial Kaidō road that wound all over Camellia. Just as they started down the road, Kira spotted an old man standing under the shadow of a black pine tree. She gasped. He hadn’t been there a moment ago when they had come out of the woods. And that meant it must be— “Gekkō?” It was the spirit of the mountain. The old man peered up at them. Zowan, Jun, and Kira halted their horses, and each of them bowed to him from their saddles. Leaning against the tree, his back didn’t look as hunched as it had the first time Kira had met him, back when he had appeared to her in Gekkō-ji’s garden, and urged her to unite Light and Shadow. He still wore the same sandals, carried the same gnarled walking stick, and his short white hair stuck up like dandelion fluff. A fat gray and white flying squirrel sat on Gekkō’s shoulder. Thistle’s big black eyes were wide, as—Kira imagined—he fought the urge to say something snarky. “You three carry momentous change with you today,” the old man remarked, as if he were commenting on what they carried in their saddlebags.

Where can we follow you?


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