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Exciting news!!

I've got some exciting news to share. The HeARTful Spirits Tarot is up for consideration in the CARTA awards. Check out the self-published decks and you will see it! How exciting!

Also, I am now on You Tube!!! With the encouragement of my wonderful private FB group, the Fool's Journey, I am spreading my wings and doing weekly and monthly readings, as well as deck reviews, artwork information and updates on my art and decks. I hope you will check it out, like and subscribe.

And last but not least, I have added some domino decks to the webstore as well as other decks pertaining to the HeARTful Spirits Tarot. The tuck box version is still available though the Game Crafter and the link is posted on the store page. Also, I am looking into domino deck boxes. I will keep you posted!

In the meantime, thank you for all your support and Happy New Year!!

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