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First Draft Completed

I'm so excited to share the first draft of the prequel Maeve to the Underwood Wicked Series is completed. Now what? Well, I go back and finesse and work out the kinks. If you are a fan of the series, Maeve is introduced in the second book, Thorn Apple A Wicked Spell. She's an antagonist with an colorful connection to the main character Lilly. I loved writing for Maeve so much and wanted to dive deep into her psyche. She is a wickedly powerful character, unabashed in her sexuality and prowess. It follows Maeve through her early years, her experimentations with love and magic, violence and despair. It's a roller coaster of wicked transgressions leading up to the timeline of Underwood A Wicked Fairy Tale. I hope to release the book within the next month. I'm very proud of the writing and hope you will be as well. If you are interested in reading the series, it's available now at . And if you are interested in reading the first three chapters of Underwood A Wicked Fairy Tale for free, send me message. I will be happy to forward the pdf to you.

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