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HeARTful Spirits Tarot 2nd Edition in the works!!!

Five years ago, I created the HeARTful Spirits Tarot from a successful Kickstarter campaign. The deck has sold all over the world and continues to sell very well to this day. Recently, I was watching the Hermit's Cave review of my deck the Everglow Divination System ( ), where Simon mentions the HeARTful Spirits Tarot. It got me thinking about the deck and how much I loved creating it. I've received so many messages over the years about the deck and how much it has helped others on their healing journey. For those of you who purchased the deck, you know that I created it after a battle with breast cancer. It was my way of processing that journey. Five years later...I am now working on a 2nd edition of the deck. The new deck will be available through Game Crafter and should be available soon. I will post another update when it is live.

So, what is different in the 2nd edition? The images are the same but have a more vibrant look. The font is also different and so is the card size. I went from standard Tarot to poker size cards. I find the poker size so much easier to handle. I will also be adding 10 oracle cards to the deck!! You will still have your choice of hints and non-hints versions. The card below depicts the non-hint version of the 2 of cups. The card below it is one of the oracle cards that will be added to the deck. As soon as the deck goes live, the first editions will no longer be available and retired. I will keep everyone posted about the 2nd edition for the HeARTful Spirits Tarot.

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