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May Pens & Paintbrushes featured author is Tahani Nelson

Tahani Nelson stopped by to give us the scoop about her latest endeavors.

P&P-Hi Tahani, tell us a bit about yourself.

TN~My name is Tahani Nelson and I'm the author of the Faoii Chronicles, a female-led epic/military fantasy series. I love writing empowering fantasy that features strong women and matriarchal societies. I've won several awards for my novels, especially for my audio books, and do all of my readings/signings/presentations in armor. It's so wonderful to be able to live my passions every day.

P&P~Are you touring, showing your work, or releasing anything new?

TN~I'm working on the last book in the Faoii Chronicles now, and it should be out early next year. Until then, I'll be doing the Ren Faire circuit this summer (always in full armor) signing copies and giving presentations. Maybe I'll see some of you there!

P&P~What or who are some of your inspirations?

TN~There are so many strong, wonderful, amazing people in my life that I don't think I can name all of them here. Mostly, I am inspired by those who are trying to make positive change in the darkest aspects of our societies. People I see fighting for what they believe in. Who enact change through action and who strengthen the people beside them even if they don't know them by name. They fight for the things that are bigger than all of us-- that tie us all together, and that transcends genre. While I try not to write political novels, it's impossible not to let at least some current events color our stories, and I find myself particularly inspired by the new generation of activists, who have had to stand up at much earlier ages than I ever did, and who are making more of a change than anyone gave them credit for.

P&P~Please include a link to your book or site where your art can be purchased.


P&P~What is your favorite Quote?

TN~"I am not afraid of the pen, or the scaffold, or the sword. I will tell the truth wherever I please." -Mary Harris Jones

P&P~Any other comments, funny antidotes, or information you would like to add.

TN~I once got a 1-star review that says simply: "There should have been a warning that the protagonist is gay." Let me tell you-- originally I was CRUSHED by this review. It was early in my writing career and I didn't think my rating would ever recover. I was so upset that someone would be so cruel over ONE KISS. Now, that review is my strongest piece of advertising. I share it everywhere and emblazon it on my shield for every other queer person who has ever been afraid of how they'll be judged. And armies have formed around it. Hundreds of people shouting down bigotry and unapologetically taking up space outside the romance genre. And it just goes to show that for every person that might try to tear you down, there are HUNDREDS who will build you back up again. Hatred is loud, but we are louder.

Tahani Nelson's website


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