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Nom de plume

To be, or not to be...Part of the writing process is learning what works and what doesn't. I began writing years ago but didn't started publishing my books until recently. Frankly, I just started spitting them out there without really thinking about marketing strategies, etc. I'd always toyed with a pen name and had one in mind for the longest time. However, when I did an extensive search to see if someone had it, I found it was already being used. Back to the drawing board. I had a few people ask, why a pen name anyway? Aren't you proud of your name. You have a following with your art; why not keep your name tied to it. Well, that is part of the reason. I wanted to keep my art/tarot works separate from my writing. I also felt like my name wasn't befitting of a writer. It didn't roll off the tongue the way I would like, so I changed it. I know. I know. Andaleigh is quite unusual but it was created with careful thought and meaning. Please be patient as my pages, and accounts update. This stuff doesn't happen overnight despite the world we live in. As for copies of books with my "real" name...I have a few in limited number, and will be making them available soon. Thanks for your patience.

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