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Now Available 2nd Edition HeARTful Spirits Tarot

I'm so excited to share that the 2nd Edition of the HeARTful Spirits Tarot is now available through Game Crafter!!

What's new?

Poker size-easy to handle smaller size cards

Improved tuck box quality

New Death Card Design

10 bonus oracle cards!!

Lower price

The Hints & Non-Hints versions are still available and it comes with an easy to read guidebook.

The first edition Tarot deck is still available for those who do not want the smaller size but still want Tarot.

The new 2nd edition links are-HeARTful Spirits Tarot 2nd Edition Poker Size w/out Hints ( and HeARTful Spirits Tarot 2nd Edition Poker Size with Hints (

Thank you for making the HeARTful Spirits Tarot such a beloved deck.

Also, check out my other upcoming decks through Game Crafter-

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The Harry Clarke Tribute Deck-Harry Clarke Tribute Deck (

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Thank you again!!

Trisha Leigh

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