Pens & Paintbrushes April Artist Spotlight on Nicole Pisaniello

Artist Nicole Pisaniello stops as our featured Author/Artist for April. She lets us know a bit about herself and her work.

Nicole is an Artist.

I am an illustrator creating fantasy art with pen and ink and watercolor. I have a BA in Communication Arts and Design. My work has been featured in several fantasy art anthologies, and in two solo exhibits at the Poe Museum in Richmond, Va. I am also sometimes a circus performer, goblin, and producer of events like RVA Krampusnacht.

Are you touring, showing your work, releasing anything new that you would like to share?

I am currently exhibiting in the IX (Illuxcon) Online showcase, where I have originals available for sale.

What or who are some of your inspirations? *

I am heavily influenced by folklore and mythology and enjoy melding the beautiful with the grotesque in my art. My major illustration influences are Arthur Rackham, Brian Froud, Harry Clarke, Stephanie Law, and Albrecht Durer...however, my original educational track was animation, and I can't deny the influence it still has in my work. I count Walt Disney, Tim Burton, and Guillermo Del Toro as major influences as well.

What is your favorite Quote? *

"Nothing is final until you're dead, and even then I'm sure God negotiates."

Any other comments, funny antidotes, or information you would like to add.

I live in Richmond with my wonderful husband Travis, and have three beautiful cat-children, Pyramus, Thisbe, and Ludo. I once traveled across the country in a van performing burlesque as Daenerys Targaryen in seedy bars, packed music halls and George R.R. Martin's personal movie theater.

You can find Nicole's art at~

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