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Pens & Paintbrushes March Artist/Author is Susan Schroder

Artist & Author Susan Schroder stops as our featured Author/Artist for March. She lets us know a bit about herself and her work.

Are you an Author, Artist, Tarot Designer?

Artist and Author- Fantasy! I work in traditional and digital art, plus photographic art. In traditional art, I favor watercolor. I wrote and illustrated my first fantasy book, Circle the Sun.

Are you touring, showing your work, releasing anything new that you would like to share? Do not include links.

Not at the moment! (Covid has a lot to do with that!)

What or who are some of your inspirations?

That would be a BIG answer to fit in here...lol! I studied art history in college, so my inspiration begins with prehistoric art and goes all the way up to today. Brian Froud and Alan Lee were instrumental in pushing me towards fantasy. Music also inspires my creativity. Priscilla Hernandez is one of my favorite musicians to listen to while I am creating art.

What is your favorite Quote?

"Details murder the imagination" -Charles Vess (I think it's my favorite quote because my art tends to be ultra detailed! ...lol)

Any other comments, funny antidotes, or information you would like to add?

The image I added, that you ask for below, is one of my favorites and most popular works. It's also the one that gets shared on the internet the most with my name cut off! So, it's my most famous artwork that people don't know I created...lol!

Please include a link to your book or site where your art can be purchased


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