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Poetry Book Release

I'm so excited to share the launch of my first poetry book, Liminal Lines.

Liminal Lines is a book of poetry and prose by author and artist Trisha Leigh Shufelt. In it, she dissects the most visceral parts of herself through her personal explorations of love, loss, addiction, anxiety, life, and death. Liminal means the transitional and transformative boundary between one space and another- a threshold. Several of the poems are accompanied by the artist's black and white photography and artwork.

Excerpt from Liminal Lines

When the rain falls,

drink me in

until I drown the chaos

of soiled thoughts damning your flow.

When the storms come,

drink me in

until your empty vessel,

satiated with love, overflows,

and your strangled roots

breach the surface,

to swim in freedom.

Liminal Lines is available in soft cover and hard back from Amazon.

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