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Launch Day!!!!

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

It's here!!! My poetry book Break & Bloom is now available!!

Break & Bloom is a journey to wholeness through introspection's garden where seeds beget thorns and weeds become blossoms. It combines poetry and prose from her previous works Liminal Lines and Liminal Lessons, with 30 new poems that explore love, loss, addiction, anxiety, life, spirituality, and death. Trisha Leigh is an artist, author, and cancer survivor. Break & Bloom contains selected black and white illustrations of her work.

"She entices us with her mastery of the rules of writing, and then she leaves us awestruck as she artfully breaks every rule with flair. Her style has the precise, deliberate sort of irreverence that is the hallmark of a true artist." Mira Hadlow-Author-As Muses Burn

Signed copies will be available from my website in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you would like to pick up a copy, you can find it here

Don't forget to leave your review. Reviews are extremely important as they help boost algorithms and get our books seen. It's the easiest way to help support authors. Thank you!!


A look inside at some poetry-

Pandora's Box

I have opened it

all the beautiful, dark things,

hidden, not in a box but in a reticent portal

a rabbit's hole of pent-up poisons

a sarcophagus of candlelit rooms

and inky black thoughts

a place where I fail to breathe

but desire to live

a place where I fear I may lose my sanity

in the quest for my awakening


Dance me in the twilight hours when the moon awaits her dawning,

and the sun escapes her calling.

Unwind me inch by inch and stroke by stroke

until I leave all my broken offerings with the hands of time.

From my barred throat, devour my severed soul

until it is unknown and forgotten.

I want to become serene in my wanderlust with you.


listen to the empty house

imprints seeping through cracked plaster

ghostly voices lamenting torment from leaky pipes

all the unsaid things

now revealed through peeling wallpaper unhindered by age

while everything neglected remains buried

under layers of ugly paint

wood-worn floorboards sag with the weight

of what once was,

what could have been,

what still remains

backscatter memories linger like cigarette smoke,

ancient reminders of bad choices,

insincere promises

and pain so present,

it cries remembrance in every rusty door hinge

maybe it wants to be heard

the way we want to be heard,

in our creaking, worn-out bones,

in our thoughts unhindered by age,

in buried regrets now quivering off our rusty lips,

in what we can no longer contain behind our leaky eyes

what once was,

what could have been,

what still remains

A hope you enjoyed this look inside Break & Bloom. It contains over 100 poems and black and white illustrations of my art.

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