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What if the future wasn't unknown?

Instead, a journey back into your memories to see life become from the perspective of experience. All that has played out, the good; the bad, and what has shaped you becomes sharper, unhazy, trustworthy, and perhaps less fearful. To have the ability to live your memories with no regrets until they finally disappear. Would you take the journey? Avenoir denotes the desire for memory to flow backward. This collection is such.

In her seventh poetry book, Trisha Leigh Shufelt takes a deep dive through her looking glass discovering that going backward can be the key to moving forward. Avenoir is a letter to the past and through her ink, valuable hindsight. It is a portal, a mirror, and a key to unlocking hidden truths. In many respects, Avenoir reflects the heart of why one reads or writes poetry.

Avenoir Poetry & Prose

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