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Don't be fooled by her soft demeanor and gentle smile.
She's been a General in her share of wars and won more battles than the lines around her eyes.

Liminal Lines is a book of poetry and prose by author and artist Trisha Leigh Shufelt. In it, she dissects the most visceral parts of herself through her personal explorations of love, loss, addiction, anxiety, life, and death. Liminal means the transitional and transformative boundary between one space and another- a threshold. Several of the poems are accompanied by the artist's photography and artwork. Color Version-does contain some black and white images

What readers are saying-Five Star Verified Purchase Review from Amazon-Liminal Lines is a masterful collection with an almost ethereal quality that somehow transcends space and time; it completely envelops the reader in its magic. From the first page, the author invites us on a journey, and by the last page we’re catching our breath, amazed and in awe of where we’ve just been - and eager to go there again.This is one of the best book purchases I’ve made this year.


This is an out of print/signed soft cover book.

Book will come signed and include a postcard size color image from the book. 

Liminal Lines: A Collection of Poetry & Prose Color Edition SC

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
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