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Enter the Realm of the Enchanted Mushrooms of Faerie. This hand sculpted/hand painted paper mache mushroom mini sculpture is approximately 3.5" tall. The color is light pink and is accented with the finest glitter.  These are not for children. They are not meant for outdoor display or in areas of high heat. While very sturdy, these are works of art. Hand painted and sealed.  Could be worn as a necklace if you don't mind glitter or hung as a holiday ornament. Please store in a cool/dry place when not in use. Comes with a hemp cord.



**The Enchanted Mushroom of Faerie series began in 2007. At the time, I sculpted them from polymer clay. This new series is sculpted from paper materials. 


Shipping is included in the price of the item.


Shipment is in the US only. No exceptions. 

Paper Mache Mushroom Sculpture mini pink

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