This is for the signed special edition copy that has color portrait images of the characters at the end of the book. Includes 20 color character portraits.   

2nd image is of the main character, Lilly. 

All Fae Must Die!

The Realm of the Fae sits precariously on a thorn's tip. Evil is spreading with the Shadow Lord's rebirth. All that remains of Elysia and its Fairy Queens has been forgotten. Or has it?  
Amidst the snow and the wind, a voice rings out, summoning all those loyal to the name Underwood. From it, a new Queen rises from the ashes of the past, wielding her ancestors' powerful magic to exact revenge on those who would see her fall. 


This is the signed original cover pre nom de plume. The one you receive is the one shown here. 




Quietus Signed Special Edition (Color) pre nom de plume