Once upon a time, a long time ago, ballads and fairy tales were dark and sinister reminders of what indeed lurked outside the safety of our homes.  Red Cinder Swan contains three modern retellings of old stories, each sprinkled with evil and delight.  Bella Cigno is based on the murder ballad, the Miller and the King's Daughters, also known as the Twa Sisters, the Cruel Sister, and the Bonny Swans.  In this retelling, an obsessive writer discovers his muse isn't as enchanting as she appears.  The Truth Behind the Tale is a not so happily ever after version of Cinderella, featuring a tabloid talk show setting, a twisted tale of revenge, and a not so perfect Princess. And finally, the third is an epic poem called the Story of Little Red. Unlike the watered-down version we grew up with, this shocking tale draws from the darker and more sinister works of the past.


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