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Unravel the mysteries of who we are and promote inner healing with this unique 78-card divination system. Combining the Tarot’s teachings with elements of astrology, numerology, and animal symbolism, 48 image cards incorporate themes experienced within the Fool’s journey. In addition, 30 text cards are separated into categories and can be used with the image cards for in-depth readings. The fantastical montage of animal and human interaction focuses on our universal connection and dependence on each other in these challenging times. Where there is duality, there is also similarity, and the reader will see themselves within these characters and move fluidly within their roles. The Everglow system offers beginner and seasoned readers the opportunity to read in a variety of different styles, evoking further exploration.


You will receive one signed copy of the Everglow Divination System and a 4x6 print by the artist.  Price includes cost to ship within the US.

The Everglow Divination System

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