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Complete Package- (complete package includes, signed paperback book, audio book, pin, and print). 


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The Ghosts of Winterbourne is a haunting collection of dark/gothic poetry and prose that dives deep into winter's rich symbols of introspection, magic, transformation, longing, grief, death, and ghosts. Trisha's writing and imagery take the reader on a personal journey through a frozen world where ghosts haunt snow-covered memories in search of healing.

In this incredible collection, the reader is pulled into a most desolate world lost underneath the ice. Trisha channels shadows from the past through her pen. Muses that have wept and fallen with wintertide now meet a perpetual thaw as she pulls them from the murkiest of depths. There is something very telling about the symbolism of winter. The coming of death. All things that require us to die inside the soul before we may quietly be reborn. The exquisite imagery speaks volumes and creates a unique atmosphere only Trisha can create. Blood turns glacial, ink oozes wild inside the Ghosts of Winterbourne, and I feel most humbled to sit with its shadows and sip tea with its melancholy. S.A. Quinox-Author of Immortalis & Tales of Lacrimosa

The Ghosts of Winterbourne is Trisha's second book in her ghost poetry series and follows the Ghosts of Nevermore, a collection of poetry, prose, and short stories inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. Both books incorporate Trisha's art and photography.


The Ghosts of Winterbourne signed paperback package

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