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You are purchasing YA book The Promise by Andaleigh Archer

Signed soft cover edition.


Would you go to hell for the one you love?

Ivy is a sixteen-year-old coping with coming of age when she witnesses her boyfriend Ash's horrific disappearance. As she struggles to cope with her loss, she seeks help from Miss Christina, an elderly woman known as the Carter Witch. Through her, she discovers the Faeries stole Ash. With Miss Christina's guidance and her best friend Sukie by her side, Ivy sets out on a quest to rescue him.

However, upon entering the Realm of Faerie, she discovers a tithe is due to the Lord of the Underworld for a crime linked to a hidden family secret that compromises not only her mortal existence but the lives of everyone she loves.


You may have heard the story of Tam Lin, a mortal man captured by the Faeries, to pay a Tithe to hell. The centuries-old Scottish ballad is a favorite among artists, musicians, and writers. The Promise takes the beloved ballad and turns it on its head, transforming it into a modern-day fairy tale not soon forgotten.

Contains illustrations by the author. The Promise is a stand-alone novel.


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The Promise YA book by Andaleigh Archer Signed

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