Eighteen-year-old Lillianna knows her station. A young woman in Victorian England has little freedom. She also knows that a world, unlike her own, exists beyond the manor's iron gate-one that has called to her since she was a child. Circumstances push her to the brink of no return, and she enters the woods, discovering a Realm beyond her imagination. However, as enticing as it appears, it is also filled with great evil. It is through her journey of temptation and fear that she discovers a dark family secret. One in which she must unlock or the Realm of the Fae will be lost forever. 


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Note that this cover is different than the one featured on Amazon. This is because the cover you see here is the original and depicts my own artwork-thus making it a limited edition. 


Why is it more expensive than the Amazon print version?


Because, in order for me to sell from my website, I must order copies ahead of time from Amazon. While a get a slight break on the printing cost as an author, I do not get a break on shipping from Amazon despite having prime, and I have to roll shipping in the cost inorder to get the book out to you. Prices from USPS have gone up subsantially. I can assure you, I'm not making much profit off these books.  Therefore, if you want a signed copy, I am happy to send you one, but it does cost more. I you don't care for a personalized copy, the stories are available on kindle and print for less. Thank you. 

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Underwood~A Wicked Fairytale~SIGNED