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You will receive a signed paperback edition with a postcard print (watermark does not appear on the postcard you receive).


Trisha Leigh Shufelt takes her love for Edgar Allan Poe to new levels with Unearthing Nevermore, a collection of Golden Shovel Poetry and whimsical illustrations inspired by the Master of the Macabre. Poetic-inspired works include The Raven, The City in the Sea, Eleonora, Alone, Romance, A Dream within a Dream, The Mystery of Marie Roget, and many more. This is Trisha's 3rd Poe-inspired literary creation. Her book, The Ghosts of Nevermore: A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, received a 2023 Saturday Visiter Award from the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, Baltimore, MD.

What is Golden Shovel Poetry?

Golden Shovel poetry is a contemporary poetic form created by Terrence Hayes to honor another poet's work. The poem uses a line(s) from another poem to form the end word in each line, and when joined together, it refers to the inspired author's original work.

Praise for Unearthing Nevermore-

"Whether you are a fan of gothic poetry, Edgar Allan Poe or Golden Shovel poetry as a form, you will discover in Unearthing Nevermore, a plethora of incredibly well-honed writing and sumptuous interpretive artwork. This accomplished collection is devoted to Poe's vision, and utilizes the echoing refrain of Golden Shovel poetry, to exact a flawless homage to Poe's dark voice. But there is so much more; not simply paying tribute to Poe and her love of his work, Shufelt is in her own right an outstanding poet and artist, who puts more into a small book of poetry than many accomplish in a lifetime. Her uncanny skill as writer, is well suited to the Golden Shovel artform, whereby she seamlessly evokes Poe's velvety shadows, alongside her own vision of his world. To be able to compose a poem that is exacting and executed with such precision and imaginative flare, whilst adhering to the rules of Golden Shovel, is remarkable. Shufelt is a master of this form, elevating it as she tightropes through Poe's landscape with her own glorious words. An outstanding achievement, impossible to match, Shufelt has done it again. If you weren't already half in love with her pulsating radiant world, you soon will be."
Candice Louisa Daquin, Senior Editor, Indie Blu(e) Publishing / Associate Editor, Raw Earth Ink.

"Shufelt immerses the reader “Beyond the Veil” crossing generations, genres, and genius. Her poetry enhances the perceptions, unleashing the sixth sense we rarely use; the imagery from the words combined with the visuals from the art intensifies the reading experience, knowing Poe lives within these pages."
Carmen Bouldin & Jeanie Smith-The Six Degrees of Edgar Allan Poe/Poe Unplugged Podcast

“An excellent book of poetry that cleverly infuses Poe's lines into new pieces. Shufelt not only utilizes Poe's genius but pays homage to it with her own poetic ability. Her illustrations are a captivating bonus.”
Levi L. Leland-Creator, owner, and administrator of A Walking Tour of Poe's Providence

Unearthing Nevermore Signed Paperback

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