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I'm so excited to feature these GORGEOUS Witchy Wand Citrine Necklaces as part of my featured Indie Artist collection. 


About the Artist Merging Metals~

A bit about the artist (from their site) Whether collecting organic materials in the woods for my jewelry, or receiving naturally shed feathers, bark from ancient trees, and wasps nests from my mothers hobby farm in Wisconsin, these words come to mind: captivating, ethical, and unpredictable. Like nature and life, our pieces are unpredictable and that is demonstrated in the splendor of 'electroforming'. In 2015, I discovered a creative outlet which incorporates both natural treasure hunting and patient dexterity. Each design, distinctive and unique, represents nature both physically and symbolically. I like to think of myself as a modern-day alchemist.At MergingMetals we do exactly that, merge metal with organics through the process of 'electroforming'. We create unconventional and unique mixed metal wearables each lovingly handcrafted. Items used in our designs have been ethically and sustainably procured. If you're looking for thoughtfully curated mix metals designs, look no further~  


About the process~

First we hand paint any area we want to encapsulate in copper with a graphite conductive paint. Then the painted piece goes into a tank of copper sulfate and sulfuric acid solution along with copper bars. We send a low signal of electricity through the tank solution using an anode  (positive charge) and a cathode (negative charge). Over time (typically 24-72 hours) copper from the bars is transferred anywhere we painted. Lastly, we lovingly hand patina, polish, and apply a metal sealant to each item. From start to finish each piece takes approximately 4-7 days to complete. Organic materials are now encapsulated in 100% pure copper, thus merging metals.


Citrine - for manifestation and money drawing

Copper-enhance psychic abilities and healing energy


Please choose-




Each priced seperately and includes shipping. Because this is a handmade creation, please allow for variation. However, the one choose is the one you will receive.  Comes with generous copper chain.


I am proud to feature this beautiful artisian crafted piece as part of my Indie Artist Boutique. 

Witchy Citrine Wand Necklaces by Merging Metals

$55.00 Regular Price
$41.25Sale Price
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