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But it's twisted...

This meme made me think about something I have heard repeated in several writer groups. I have this idea, but I'm not sure if I should write about it because it's kind of twisted. Well, if you have read Thorn Apple, you know my answer to that statement. If you haven't, my answer is, write it anyway. I knew midway through Underwood what would happen in Thorn Apple, and I knew it would not be pretty or material for the pearl-clutchers. Keep in mind that I wrote Underwood back in 2007/08 and sat on it until 2020. I knew back then what would happen in book two, and I think that is one reason it took so long for me to release book one. I could have left book one as a stand-alone novel. It ended without a cliffhanger. The prologue was only added in 2020 when I finally did release it because I wanted to continue the story. I had good stuff but was ultimately afraid, fearing the backlash that might occur. When this concern came up in yet another group, I commented that I was plagued by a similar situation. I had an incident so terrifying, so triggering, so sick, and horrible that I wasn't sure if I should put it in my book. The response from another writer was, have you read the Sandman series? I'll admit, I haven't read much of it. Although, I am a girl who grew up obsessing over Edgar Allan Poe. Only time will tell when the reviews come in.

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