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Sunder the Silence-Available Now

Sunder the Silence is poetry for lost voices within the awakening self.

In her sixth poetry book, award-winning Author/Artist/Poet Trisha Leigh Shufelt weaves a menagerie of lyrical verse and fantastical images through personal experiences and stories from the muses who speak through her pen. Within her poems, art, and photography, she reminds us that silence isn't always golden when storms come for us. Within our voice, we can uncover our truth and embody a beacon of light in our most profound moments of reckoning.

Praise for Sunder the Silence

"Sunder the Silence proves Trisha Leigh Shufelt a seasoned poet, who, with deft craft, unearths voices of influential others and uses personal experience to communicate hard-won wisdom and spirituality. This book is far from soft, yet it brims with beauty. The book speaks directly about lives on the edge and the powers in nature and humaneness that allow us to survive. Shufelt may summon intimate voices of others, but her own strong voice and unique vision drive her superb poetry." ~Jeffrey Greene-Author-To the Left of the Worshiper, Beautiful Monsters, and American Spirituals.

“Poetry is a very personal thing, both in its expression and its appreciation. However, there are certain earmarks of true artistry in poetic genius, regardless of this strong subjective component. Sunder the Silence is a collection of deeply emotional barbaric yawps into the universe, artistically and authentically expressed through both verse and poignant illustrations. There is something here for everyone in this collection. For me, the poems that struck a deep and lasting chord are Plague Masters & Puppeteers, What If?, and Dangerous Beauty. At the end of reading this visual and poetical feast, I was reminded of what Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés would be if it had been penned as poetry instead of stories.” ~Rose Guildenstern, author of Iago's Penumbra: A Metaphysical Novel

Other poetry books by Trisha include- Liminal Lines, Liminal Lessons, Break & Bloom, the Ghosts of Nevermore (nominated for a 2023 Saturday Visiter Award from the Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum), and the Ghosts of Winterbourne.

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