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The HeARTful Spirits Tarot

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The HeARTful Spirits Tarot is a whimsical 78 card divination system based on the archetypes found in the Rider-Waite Smith system. Select versions available from this site and the Game Crafter.

Nominated for 4 International Tarot Foundation CARTA Awards for 2019!

Winner of the Newcommer Best Author Award for a Tarot or Oracle!

HeARTful Spirits Taot

Comments from customers

Your decks are sooooo beautiful!
I am totally in love with them, especially the mini deck,

I am going to take it with me everywhere I go. It is just unbelievable, how you managed to translate the messages of the cards into a visual feast for the eyes....
so simple and yet so effective, so totally spot on....!
My favorites are the four and nine of cups, the four of coins, the page of swords, and the queen of wands. No keywords necessary, they are so completely self-evident! And how you visualized the devil, the tower, death
and the moon in the major arcana just takes my breath away....!  Chris-Netherlands

Comments from customers

The HeARTful Spirits Tarot exceeded my expectations. The deck is so beautiful and the blending of colors are so soothing.  The deck shuffles & reads nicely. 
On top of all this, Trisha's handling of her campaign & distributing of the final product was so professional.  I am enthusiastic to support any future decks that she creates. Kathy-USA

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